This week, at the invitation of the Latvian Institute, publicist and film critic Donald Dewey, who is working on a monograph about Latvia's film industry, is visiting Latvia. He plans to meet with and interview representatives of the industry, to visit the Cinevilla film studio, and to present a public lecture, "From Europe to Hollywood and Back Again."

Dewey lives in New York and has written more than 30 novels and volumes of documentary prose. He is the author of a monograph about the film industry in Scandinavian countries and has worked with such film industry figures as John Stuart, Marcello Mastorianni, Lee J. Cobb and James Stuard Blackton. Dewey has also written some 30 plays that have been staged in the United States and Europe, worked on TV and film screenplays, and published articles about the film industry in various magazines in the United States.

Donald Dewey's presentation will be about the role of European actors and other professionals in the development of the global film industry, particularly focusing on Scandinavians in this regard. The lecture will be held on Thursday, September 22, at 4:00 PM at the Latvian Institute. The visit is being organised by the Latvian Institute, the Latvian National Film Centre and the US Embassy in Latvia.


Photo: Česlavs Gržibovskis