The Latvian Institute (LI) has started an initiative #GribuTeviAtpakaļ (I want you back), inviting Latvia's residents to tell their relatives and friends that have gone abroad that they're always welcome to come back. Latvian residents are invited to send the message to their relatives and friends on social networks, using the hashtag #GribuTeviAtpakaļ or in any other way.

"The initiative concerns our relationships with our relatives, friends and people close to us that are abroad, and [aims to] tell them clearly and directly - 'I want you back,'" said Aiva Rozenberga. "If we want one of our loved ones to return, these relationships have to be tended to like a flower in a garden. You have to work on these relationships, and that is our goal."


LI director's Aiva Rozenberga video message: and
Social initiative's #GribuTeviAtpakaļ video message:

Interview with Aiva Rozenberga in Latvijas Radio, Latvijas Televīzijas Rīta panorāmā