Photo Gallery is a high-resolution photo stock featuring images of Latvia. The images may be used free of charge only for the purpose of promoting Latvia abroad or in international events in Latvia for:

  • Foreign media,
  • Latvian and foreign embassies,
  • Latvian governmental and self-governmental institutions,
  • International non-commercial Latvia-promoting events (including publication
    exhibitions, conferences, broadcasting media, Internet articles etc.)


Editorial material, for instance annual reports of individual companies or other specific company information, is not considered as general promotion of Latvia. Images may not be used for commercial advertisement purposes of any specific company, product or service, including advertisements of tour operators and tourism brochures. Advertisements for products, goods and/or services that are shown in direct connection with an image are not considered as Latvia’s promotion. Photos can’t be modified, processed or forwarded to third persons without permission of the Latvian Institute.


NB! When publishing images, it is mandatory to give credit to the right-holder, i.e., the author of the photo.


Non-compliance with these regulations will be considered a violation of copyright and property rights. Depending on the nature of the copyright violation and consequences thereof, the violator will be held criminally or administratively liable in accordance with the law. The use of images for any other purposes should be coordinated with the Latvian Institute by sending an e-mail to

Photogallery is available here