In anticipation of the Central and Eastern European countries and China ("16+1") summit in Riga, the Latvian Institute has prepared a presentation of essential facts about Latvia in Chinese.

“Latvia. Get to Know It!” is a presentation about the country with a brief summary of major social, economic and cultural aspects. In addition to presentations in English, French and Russian, a new one has been produced in German. The presentations are free of charge and can be used to present Latvia at informative and non-commercial exhibitions and at international conferences in Latvia or abroad.

A meeting of transport ministers and a business conference will take place in Rīga on May 16 and 17. The goal will be to promote co-operation among central and Eastern European countries and China in the areas of transportation and logistics. Other important events such as a meeting for heads of government and a business form will be organised later this year.

The presentation about Latvia will soon be available in Spanish and Italian, too.

Find the presentation and download it at, under “Our Products”. You can also find it on the informational portal