The Latvian Institute has invited foreign embassies in Latvia to participate in the Big Cleanup on April 23, and together with colleagues from the Institute and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Latvia to clean the surroundings of Jugla animal shelter “Labās mājas”. At the conclusion of the cleanup the participants will walk the shelter dogs in a nearby forest.

The “Big Cleanup” movement has set the goal for Latvia to become the cleanest country in the world in 2018. As we await Latvia’s centenary, we have a great opportunity to demonstrate our cooperation skills and knowledge in the area of organizing cleanup activities at a national level, and show how we can achieve this beneficial goal for the country, as well as share our knowledge with other countries, where environmental and sustainability issues are still a challenge. Many organizations from various countries have shown interest about Latvia’s experience with organizing nationwide cleanup, as Latvia manages to involve everyone into this activity, regular citizens and the President of Latvia included. The greatness of the idea does not depend on the size of the country; what matters is common agreement of the society on what is important,” stresses Aiva Rozenberga, Director of the Latvian Institute.

So far embassies of Sweden, Spain, Canada, Ukraine and Moldova have confirmed their participation in the cleanup. According to the information at Latvian Institute’s disposal the U.S. and U.K. embassies are organzing their own local cleanup activities.

The Latvian Institute in cooperation with the organizers of the Big Cleanup promote the cleanup idea throughout the world as one of the positive experiences that Latvia is proud of and that can be easily adopted in other countries. 


Photo: Rojs Maizītis