The Latvian Institute in cooperation with artist Egils Mednis has created series of electronic postcards for social movement #GribuTeviAtpakaļ (#IWantYouBack). Everyone can send postcards with individualized message to their family members and friends, who are currently residing outside of Latvia, through the Latvian Institute website

A week and a half ago the Latvian Institute initiated social movement with a goal to address people who have left Latvia with an emotional message reminding them in a simple way: you are important to us, and Latvia will always be your home. The Latvian Institute believes that the moment has arrived to announce loud and clear that we would like to see our people to return to Latvia whenever they are ready but for the time being to form closer ties with Latvia.

The Latvian Institute has already received many proposals for the social movement from the private, government and NGO sector, which indicates that the people of Latvia support this initiative and are ready to engage. Private companies have offered to promote their job openings, the State Chancellery has updated its Facebook application with practical advice on how to relocate to Latvia, as well as several NGOs have expressed interest in organizing events to promote stories about those, who have already returned to Latvia.

Anyone can join #GribuTeviAtpakaļ movement personally; the Latvian Institute only provides tools and channels to spread the message. If you would like to join, please, follow us on Facebook (accounts Kaut kas mīļš no Latvijas and If you like Latvia, Latvia likes you), look for information on our website, and  send electronic postcards, personalized video, audio or text messages to your close ones, using hashtag #GribuTeviAtpakaļ.


Direct link to virtual postcard (more postcards to follow):

Picture: Postcard of social movement #GribuTeviAtpakaļ, by Egils Mednis