This Friday, the director of the Latvian Institute (LI), Aiva Rozenberga, will visit Ireland to take part in the Latgale Regional Days event that is being organised by the Irish Latvian Chamber of Commerce, the "LatWest" Latvian association in Ireland and the Latvian Embassy in Ireland. Rozenberga will speak to those who have left Latvia, calling upon them to keep close ties with people in Latvia, think about new possibilities for co-operation and partnerships, and to think about returning to Latvia when they are ready to do so. Rozenberga will also inform participants in the event about the initiatives of LI, including collaboration projects with Latvian municipalities and employers. The purpose of these projects is to improve the quality of communication and to help the country to become more attractive when it comes to jobs.

The Latgale Regional Days event will be held from September 8 to 11 in the town of Claremorris, and the purpose is to raise interest in networking and co-operation possibilities between Ireland and Latvia. Another goal is to exchange information with municipalities in Latgale, focusing on craftspeople, businesspeople and representatives of culture and sports. Still another aim is to introduce the Irish people to Latvia's heritage, traditions, tourism, business and municipal and national work ethics.
Latvian Regional Days have been organised in Ireland since 2015, helping to maintain strong ties and to develop cultural, educational and business links between Ireland and Latvia. The process began with Kurzeme Regional Days in 2015, and in future, there will be Zemgale Regional Days in 2017 and Vidzeme Regional Days in 2018, when Latvia will be celebrating its 100th anniversary.
Photo: GORS, The Embassy of Latgale,
 Aleksandrs Tolopilo